Besides drawing, I love to adventure outside. 
Whether it is hiking, skydiving, biking, climbing, shooting, paddling, or exploring, I love the wind in my face.
Current Project: Hiking Mt. Whitney 2022
A friend called me in February and asked me if I wanted to hike Mt. Whitney in the summer. I figured I could get ready for it in 5 months, so I excitedly said yes! Then I started the research and realized how un-ready I was to get to the 14,505 for summit. I made myself a 5 month plan and I still don't know if I'm ready.
March: I started eating better and lost 10 lbs, sold my road bike, spent at least 5 hours a week researching ultralight backpacking gear, started replacing my outdated heavy baking gear with new ultra light options, 
April: purchased an off-road bike, committed to ridding 4X a week to get my legs in shape, researched how to train for elevation when I live at sea-level, Found 3 local options for building elevation gain strength (biking on hill, hiking with pack weight on a local trail with 80 ft of ele gain, used a downtown skyscrapers stairs), sewed a lightweight bivy for my sleeping bag, started doing skyscraper stairs 2X per month, scared about how my lungs will preform at 14,000 ft, I don't know how to train for that high of elevation gain, Half Dome is as high as I've been at 9,000 ft and I remember huffing and puffing a lot.
May: 3X per week HIIT workouts, 3X per week biking with hills, 1X per seeking running, 1X per week stadium/skyscraper stairs, 1X per week 6-10 mile hike with weighted pack, 3 test day hikes with 1,000 (Tennessee), 2,000 (Maine), and 3,000 ft (North Carolina) of elevation gain.
June: traveled to a town with a college stadium and started running stadium stairs 2X per month, 2 Test hikes 6,000ft in 3 days (Tennessee)
July: 2 test long distance hikes 
July 24 to Aug 5: Fly to Cali and attempt the beast!
Break training down to categories: mental, physical, gear, research
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